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Flying Eye Books

This Is My Rock

“This is my rock!” proclaims a young goat. “It’s not yours,” he bleats at Eagle. “Or yours,” he grumbles at Bear. “Nor yours!” he shouts at the other goats that dare to climb his rock. But standing atop a mountain all day and night can be lonely, especially when you have no one else to play with…

'a powerful and timeless story about the power of sharing and the meaning of friendship.' Books For Keeps

'This unvarnished morality tale’s strength lies in its simplicity. On one level it speaks to its listeners and readers directly, openly, transparently. On the other hand it can also work as high satire.' Playing By The Book

'As with most of David Lucas' stories, there's a rather lovely little twist that comes in at the end of this book when the goat realises that you can defend your lofty habitat with all the will in the world but sometimes it takes someone smaller and cleverer than you to humble you into submission! Fantastic story!' Read It Daddy

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