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Andersen Press 2008

The Lying Carpet

“Everything I have said is a lie.
Nothing I have said is true.”

A story about a statue of a little girl who yearns to live, and her friendship with a tiger carpet.

‘Reading The Lying Carpet is a dreamy experience - the language is lovely; the free verse has an offbeat rhythm; the illustrations are breathtaking... older readers may think of Kierkegaard’s ‘Fear and Trembling’ and ‘The Present Age’ - the poetry, the paradoxes, the musings on leaps of faith, the need for passion and the awareness of self. I can see high school and college philosophy students finding endless discussion fodder in ‘The Lying Carpet’; it would be a great graduation gift for black clad poetesses.’ New York Times

‘Lucas’s first book for older readers reveals that he’s as remarkable a writer as he is an illustrator.’ Publisher's Weekly

‘an exquisite and provoking contemplation of truth, hope, dreams and the power of stories.’ The Daily Telegraph

‘beautiful and mysterious... this will tug relentlessly on the mind and heart of any child ready to read it.’ Kirkus Reviews

‘The Lying Carpet by virtuoso storyteller and illustrator David Lucas... is an enduring allegorical story about the virtue of truth and standing up for what you believe in.’ The Bookseller

'a truly beautiful picture book, offering up philosophical questions in a way that makes them not just accessible to pre-teens, but interesting for adults as well... The Lying Carpet can be read as a contemporary fable, or simply as a whimsical and charming story full of creative twists and light humour. This ensures that it offers something for every reader, so families can enjoy following the story together, with the content inspiring thought and discussion across the generations.'

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